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Spellbound Charters

Rendezvous Bay
Sail to Rendezvous Bay and enjoy a swim and a stroll down the expansive white powdery sandy beach.  Enjoy drinks at Bankie Banks Dune Preserve or the Rasta Shack or take a stroll through the emporium of the world famous Cuisinart hotel.
Prickley Pear Island


Sail to Prickly Pear Island and enjoy the amazing snorkeling and beautiful beach.  Enjoy a drink on shore with Alan and Sue and find out what prickly has to offer. Private tours only.

Sandy Island & Meads Bay


A combination of Sandy Island and Meads Bay. Sail over and enjoy some amazing snorkeling on the uninhabited Sandy Island atoll with a beautiful white sandy beach. We then go on to Meads Bay where we serve lunch on board, swim and enjoy the incredible view and white powder sandy beach in the pristine cove under the Malliouhana Hotel.  This is a scheduled and private tour option.

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